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So anyone who has paid any attention to the things i shoot over time you'll know i tag my images "I have a camera" this is a little bit tongue in cheek to put it simply I am clearly not a professional photographer and i have little interest in becoming one.
This for me is a hobby on the side and a way to get a bit creative... Now how i got into the kind of photography I mostly shoot is entirely accidental. I started out shooting events with a friend as a 2nd photographer. Then through that we were asked to shoot with some one to build a modelling portfolio.. then a make up artist for their portfolio and after a few of these i moved out to shoot on my own mostly shooting portfolio images and sometimes just shooting with some one for the fun of it.

I really enjoy shooting people with no modelling back ground no interest in being a model but who want to feel like a model. who want some confidence in their look and want to see how other people see them. I've done this a few times now and the feeling i get from that is far better then shooting anyone's portfolio. When shooting this stuff I dont over edit it... you should look at the image and say so thats how i look photo shopped. When you take something 3D and turn it into something 2D it loses contrast loses shape and changes how you look. So I edit the image to be how I saw you when shooting it. yes ill remove a few blemishes etc also and do the usual highlighting but all within the boundaries of how you actually look to me.

I love shooting at events.. when i started out i was involved in a lot of BMX events and similar but recently I've started making a move back to photographing Urban exploration .. abandoned buildings damaged things.. something about decay and graffiti and such things becomes so interesting to me.

Check out my work. feel free to comment and if you want to do something together let me know.
Details are posted in another post


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