Want to work with me? here's the deal

I'm going to put this pretty simply and straight to the point.

I have a full time job in an unrelated industry. Photography for me is fun and although i take it seriously and i act in a completely professional manner if its not something fun and interesting then i completely reserve the right to say no.
That said if we get along just about any shoot can be fun so there is not much ill say no to.

If you email me saying ohhh id love to work with you ... here is my rates and dates of availability ill probably reply back with my rates that I've probably just made up on the spot and tell you I'm available a year from today.
Yes i have an ABN yes that ABN is for this exact purpose but i very rarely do any paid work.... why ? because there are better photographers out there who do this for a living and deserve your paid work much more and this then comes back to why I will pick and choose my work.

If you are getting married, its a christening, family photos, Professional level portfolio etc etc etc... I am not interested I'm sorry but i will put you onto an amazing photographer who will be perfect for you.

Here is what ill shoot for you...

Pretty much anything else. if i like the concept and if time permits.
Yes ill happily travel to shoot, generally I don't require you to pay for the travel but if we are going a long distance then splitting the costs would be nice.
Yes I do shoot nudes... No i wont ask you to get nude for a shoot. what we shoot is what you are comfortable with. Yes I will potentially push your limits a little if it is a comfortable situation but only if it will benefit the shot.
Yes i can and will happily put you in touch with people i have worked with... or go to my FB page www.facebook.com/I-have-a-camera-280171822114898/ and ask them yourself.

If after all of this you would want to work with me then please msg me on here or the above FB page


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